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The factual feminist

Thanks to Christina Hoff Sommers for this very factual, reasonable look at cat calling on city streets. REASONABLE. That’s why I appreciate it. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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Can you spot the demeaning?

This article about what makes a man just proves few today actually know. I read it with great interest because there is a need for men to mentor men in what it means to be masculine. Fathers ideally would be doing this for their sons. However, I recall being at a conference about human sexuality where […]

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Spellbinding series on marriage from around the world

The ancient, organic, and timeless design of man and woman has been revered across all cultures throughout human history. There is a singular wisdom and beauty of this complementarity that “fits” with the universe. The family, founded on marriage, is our first school in what it means to be human, how to love, to seek […]

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More and more girls engaging in self-harm

Not that the modern world is a hostile environment for young women or anything, you understand. Girls account for 80 per cent of young people admitted for self-harm injury; The number of girls admitted for cutting themselves with a sharp object rose to 173 in 2013-14 from 91 five years early, a 90 per cent increase.  

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And the answer is…not Justin Trudeau

So who is “he” in the quote? He maintained that politics is about values, starting with moral values. The primary guardians of these values are not states or political organizations but free individuals endowed with a sense of responsibility. It was actually Vaclav Havel, dissident, writer and former President of the Czech Republic. Hmmmm, I would […]

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T-shirt outrage and Western feminism

Robyn Urback tackles the same issue I addressed yesterday: It’s quite reasonable to suggest that Taylor’s shirt wasn’t exactly the most professional choice of clothing for an interview, but I’ll let his employer reprimand him for that. It’s less reasonable to suggest that a shirt — a shirt — can drive women away from pursuing […]

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Who is “he” in this quote?

He maintained that politics is about values, starting with moral values. The primary guardians of these values are not states or political organizations but free individuals endowed with a sense of responsibility.” What politician might say politics is about moral values? Step right up and take a guess!Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule (No googling.)  I will […]


The right to wear tank tops and other stupid feminist battles

In May, I released a long sigh of frustration over “feminist” fights against “sexist” dress code policies which prevent girls from showing their black bra straps at school. I should also note that dramatic eye rolling accompanied the sighing. I’m not going to re-hash how much of the “feminist” debate over dress codes is rather […]


Life’s real angels

True love is infectious, and nothing could be more fetching than seeing love emanating from a big, happy family. This family is particularly special.  Janet and Keith accepted their first son, born with severe disabilities, with so much love that the experience of caring for him opened their hearts to later adopting another little girl […]


Egg freezing and choices that make us less free

Margaret Somerville tackles the ethical questions raised by egg freezing. Her review of the issue again makes clear that some reproductive “choices” offered to women leave us with fewer real choices and less freedom: However, as Seema Mohapatra points out in an article in the Harvard Law and Policy Review, offering egg freezing could mean […]

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Why it is good to feel lonely from time to time

I recently saw a Harry Truman quote: “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” Strikes me as being true in our culture at large. We are busy, busy, busy–going to and from social events of all kinds, but making few meaningful connections. Being lonely is different from being alone, of course. Being […]

Mother, Child

This struggle is not the end of your story

I just read another great article over at Brain, Child. The writer, Suzanne Palmieri, was a single mother, living in poverty with her daughter. In her article, she looks back over the last 20 years that they spent together, commenting on how their lives had changed. Our life’s circumstances are seldom static and often changing. […]

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“You can still accomplish your dreams as a single mom”

As this video from Online for Life testifies, pregnancy care centres are doing the good work of supporting and encouraging women in making decisions for life. This woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and difficult circumstances had the opportunity to meet with the counsellors at a not-for-profit pregnancy care centre 11 times before making her decision. […]


Women die in botched sterilizations

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially when tragedy of this scope could have been avoided. This Reuters article reports on ten women who died this week in India through botched sterilizations.  Fourteen other women are in serious condition. But deaths due to sterilization is not news in India. Between 2009 and […]

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The Repeal of Reticence

This thought of the day courtesy of an old interview with Rochelle Gurstein, author of The Repeal of Reticence. The whole interview speaks to me, as I consider how it is that we got to be where we are. (Where are we, you ask? Base reality TV shows as entertainment, lewd advertising and crass lyrics, ramped up […]

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